YouTube's Update: Home Feed and Recommendations Based on Watch History

TechWord • 9 August 2023

For viewers who haven't activated their YouTube watch history in Google account settings, YouTube has chosen to deactivate its recommendation tools, including the home feed. As a result, if you opt not to save a watch history, the appearance of YouTube's homepage will change significantly. Instead of displaying a list of suggested videos, your homepage will be mostly empty.

The change is part of Google's newly implemented "new viewer experience," which they made public on Tuesday, August 8. Certain services that rely on watch history to generate suggestions will be unavailable if you've turned off your YouTube watch history and don't have a potent pre-existing viewing history.

As a result, the search bar will dominate your homepage, along with buttons for Shorts, Subscriptions, and Library. Individuals who find it difficult to wade through increasingly sensationalized thumbnails in quest of the play button may welcome this change. However, it might be a tactic to persuade users to turn on their watch history.

Google has stated that it intends to progressively roll out this new feature over the next few months. However, some internet users have already observed the change—Instead of YouTube's typical selection of suggested videos, users now see a message that says, "Your watch history is disabled: You can change your setting at any time to get the latest videos tailored to you."

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