How many times have you heard your friends say "I can't afford to vote" or "I don't know where to vote?" Well, guess what? You're not alone! This time of year makes us all think about voting. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of being able to make a difference in their community? And even if you're not in the mood to vote today, at least reserve your right by getting a voter's card—which is free and easy!

We the youth are the future of our country. We have the most to gain from voting, which is why we should be voting for someone we believe in, rather than just voting for whoever's name comes up first on the ballot paper or who is able to buy our vote or fancy. This is important because Nigerians want change—not necessarily what everyone else wants but something new and different from what has been happening.

Not voting shows that you do not care about the outcome of your future, nor that of your country. Not voting is a form of apathy. If we really want to make a difference in our community, state and country, it's by voting! 

Everyone should take voting seriously and use it as a tool to have an impact on the current situation in Nigeria. And it's not just about choosing between two candidates, but choosing how you want your country to be governed.

We can make a difference for our family, community, and country by exercising this right. Voting is not just about changing who sits in office but also changing how our government behaves towards its citizens through legislation and the policymaking process.

Let’s do it!

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