Nigeria Joins the Starlink Revolution: Availability and Pricing

pmond • 1 February 2023

Nigeria has recently joined the Starlink revolution and can now enjoy internet speeds ranging from 50 to 200 Mbps. Starlink is a satellite-based internet service provider that has revolutionized how people access the internet. Residents in Nigeria can now enjoy high-speed internet without signing any contracts or committing to anything.



The internet is an essential part of modern life, and slow and unreliable connections can be extremely inconvenient. Starlink aims to change that by providing users with a fast and stable internet connection no matter where they are. Users can enjoy fast internet speeds even in remote areas where other services are unavailable or slow because the satellite-based service operates in low Earth orbit. 

Starlink Standard Satellite
Starlink Standard Satellite 

One of Starlink's most appealing features is the 30-day trial period, which allows customers to test the service before committing to a monthly subscription. Customers can use this trial period to see how fast and dependable Starlink's internet service is. Customers can cancel at any time if they are dissatisfied with the service because there are no contracts or commitments.

Customers will need to purchase the necessary hardware, which costs NGN268,584 to get started with Starlink. This may appear to be a significant investment, but it is a one-time expense that will provide users with a stable and fast internet connection for years to come. The hardware consists of a satellite dish and a modem, and the setup is simple and straightforward. 

The monthly subscription fee is 19,260 naira, which is relatively low when compared to other high-speed internet services in the country. There are no hidden fees or surprises with the subscription fee, which provides users with unlimited access to Starlink's internet service. Users with a fast and stable connection can stream movies, play online games, and browse the web without buffering or lag.

Customers must have a domiciliary dollar account in order to purchase Starlink services in Nigeria. Despite the fact that the prices are displayed in Nigerian currency, you will be charged in US dollars. 

Starlink has a number of other advantages that make it an excellent choice for users in Nigeria, in addition to its fast and reliable internet speeds. For instance, the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing users to connect to the internet whenever they need to. The service is also extremely secure, with encryption and other security features in place to protect the data of users.

Another advantage of Starlink is its adaptability. The satellite-based service is ideal for users in remote areas where other services are unavailable, and it is also an excellent choice for frequent travelers. Users can take their internet connection with them wherever they go with Starlink, allowing them to stay connected no matter where they are. 

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