NCC Approves Unified USSD Codes for All Mobile Networks in Nigeria

cofellow • 18 May 2023

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has made an important step toward improving user experience and convenience by authorizing uniform USSD codes for all mobile networks in Nigeria. This development means that mobile network subscribers in the country will now have a standardized set of codes for accessing various services such as customer care, checking data balances, credit recharge, and more. The unification of these codes is expected to streamline operations and improve service delivery across the telecoms sector.

Transition Time:

Both the old and new harmonized shortcodes will operate concurrently until May 17, 2023, to facilitate a smooth transition. This period will give all mobile network operators the time to transition to the full application of the new codes. It is expected that by the end of this transition time, all networks would have successfully integrated and implemented the universal USSD codes, benefiting Nigerian mobile subscribers across the board.

Unified USSD Codes for All Mobile Networks:

The following are the newly approved unified USSD codes in Nigeria for various mobile network services:

  • Dial 300 to reach the call center.
    This code will allow customers to contact customer service for any network-related questions, complaints, or assistance.
  • *303# to borrow services
    Subscribers can use this code to easily seek credit or airtime loans.
  • Dial *305# to terminate service.
    Users can use this code to unsubscribe or deactivate any service they no longer wish to use.
  • To check your balance, dial *310#.
    Customers can simply check their account balance, including airtime, data, and other associated balances, by phoning this code.
  • Credit Recharge: Dial *311#
    Users can use this code to recharge their accounts with airtime or credit.
  • Dial *312# for a data plan.
    This code grants access to data plan subscriptions, allowing customers to choose from a variety of data packages.
  • Dial *323# to check the balance of your data plan.
    Subscribers can check the remaining data balance on their account by dialing this code.
  • Dial *321# to access Share Services.
    This code allows users to exchange or transfer credit or data to other network subscribers.
  • DND (Do-Not-Disturb): Dial 2442
    Subscribers can activate the DND service, which allows them to manage unsolicited commercial texts and calls.
  • Dial 3232 for Porting Services
    This code supports mobile number portability, allowing subscribers to migrate from one network to another while keeping their phone numbers.


The implementation of uniform USSD codes for all mobile networks in Nigeria is a big step forward in the telecoms industry. The clearance of these codes by the Nigerian Communications Commission will substantially improve the convenience and ease of access to numerous services for mobile subscribers. Subscribers may expect a more seamless and user-friendly experience across different networks with uniform codes for customer support, data balance checks, credit recharge, and other services. Using both old and new codes concurrently during the transition period until May 17, 2023, guarantees a smooth changeover for all mobile network providers. Finally, the implementation of these universal USSD codes is projected to streamline operations, decrease misunderstanding, and improve service delivery for Nigerian mobile consumers.

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