MTN Nigeria opens their portal for 5G router pre-order

pmond • 27 August 2022

MTN Nigeria is ready to offer its customers their 5G service that gives them access to the next generation of connectivity. The South African owned multinational mobile telecommunications company had opened its portal for Nigerians to pre-order their 5G router for a price of 50,000 with a 100GB data bonus on activation. 

MTN 5G router
MTN 5G router

What’s 5G

5G is a new mobile network technology that offers ultra-fast data speeds and increased connectivity, as well as improved network capacity for both B2B and consumer use. It will allow subscribers to enjoy faster downloads, streaming video or gaming sessions on their phones, laptops or tablets.

In addition to providing awesome quality experience for users; 5G also addresses some of the issues encountered by current 4G networks such as coverage gaps between towns & cities due to limited spectrum availability; latency issues due to high latency caused by distance between base stations; poor battery life because of constant connection with base stations which need frequent updates/updates etc.

How to pre-order MTN 3G Router in Nigeria.

  • Visit the portal by simply clicking here.
  • Take a glance for 5G coverage areas (this is to ensure your location is among the first route for roll-out).
  • Fill in your information such as name, email, phone number, and address. Choose the device type, color, and quantity.
  • You could very well leave a second message. Enter the referral code (if any).

MTN Nigeria 5G service will be available in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Maiduguri, Kano, and Owerri at first, with full country coverage expected later.


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