Lionel Messi: An Astonishing Inter Miami and MLS Offer

pmond • 8 June 2023

Few names in global football elicit as much admiration, excitement, and awe as Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar has captivated fans all over the world with his remarkable skills, stunning goals, and unrivaled achievements. As his career at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club comes to a close, football fans eagerly await his next step. In an unexpected turn of events, Inter Miami's ambitious owners, José Mas, and Jorge Mas, have personally taken command of negotiations, devising an unprecedented offer to bring Messi to Major League Soccer (MLS). This article delves into the fascinating details of this unprecedented proposal, which involves not just a big salary but also collaborations with MLS, Apple, Adidas, and an exciting chance for Messi to buy an MLS franchise.


messi with other players
Messi celebrating with teammates


In an era dominated by corporate negotiations, when agents and intermediaries sometimes take center stage, the involvement of José Mas and Jorge Mas adds a refreshingly personal touch to Lionel Messi's pursuit. These ambitious proprietors, known for their dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial energy, have taken on the challenge of acquiring Messi's services. Their hands-on approach demonstrates their unrelenting dedication to bringing one of football's greatest icons to the United States.

Aside from the eye-popping pay promised by Inter Miami, the collaboration between MLS and digital behemoth Apple has taken the idea to new heights. MLS and Apple have joined hands to tempt Messi, recognizing his magnetic appeal and global fan base. Messi would receive a percentage of the revenue generated by new customers to Apple TV+'s MLS broadcast package under this arrangement. This united effort intends to increase viewing and recruit a new wave of loyal subscribers by capitalizing on Messi's arrival.

Apple, known for its inventiveness, has already laid the groundwork for Messi's possible arrival. The introduction of a riveting five-part documentary series highlighting Messi's remarkable World Cup performances has sparked immense interest in the football world. This exclusive documentary promises an intimate and behind-the-scenes look at Messi's journey on international football's largest stage, engaging fans and aficionados alike.

Lionel Messi's accomplishments would be incomplete without acknowledging his long-standing connection with Adidas. Adidas, Messi's key sponsor and a major backer of Major League Soccer, has been instrumental in the negotiations. In an unprecedented step, the German sportswear behemoth has vowed to give Messi a cut of any increased cash produced by its collaboration with MLS. Adidas has been a vital component of the MLS scene since its debut in 1996, and their new six-year, $830 million deal demonstrates their dedication to the league's growth and development.

Messi at the world cup
Messi at the World Cup


The talks go beyond Messi's playing career in order to assure his long-term commitment. Inspired by the famous David Beckham's investment in Inter Miami during his time with the Los Angeles Galaxy, the Mas brothers have presented Messi with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When Messi retires, he will have the opportunity to purchase an MLS franchise, allowing him to leave a lasting legacy in the league.

Inter Miami's and MLS's pursuit of Lionel Messi has become an amazing narrative, propelled by the Mas brothers' desire and determination. Messi's offer goes beyond a large salary, including breakthrough collaborations with Apple and Adidas, as well as the potential of future ownership. If this unprecedented offer is realized, it will definitely transform the landscape of Major League Soccer and captivate football fans all around the world. As the tale progresses, the world awaits Messi's choice and the potential metamorphosis of the beautiful game in the United States.

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