COVID-19: President Biden has Paxlovid rebound and no symptoms

Sylvia • 31 July 2022

After testing negative for Covid for several days in a succession, President Joe Biden tested positive for the drug again late Saturday morning in a "rebound" episode, according to a letter from his doctor.

"After testing negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning, the President tested positive late Saturday morning, by antigen testing. This in fact represents 'rebound' positivity." Dr. Kevin O'Connor, a physician at the White House, noted.

According to O'Connor, 79-year-old Biden has not had any recurrence of his symptoms and is still in good health. Given this information, there is no justification for restarting treatment at this time, although we will undoubtedly keep a careful eye on the patient.

The antiviral Paxlovid was administered to Biden, who has received two booster shots and is completely immunized, after he tested positive for Covid on July 21 during a routine test.

In order to identify close contacts, a White House official said they are now tracing contacts. Kirsten Allen, the vice president's press secretary, said that Kamala Harris is not regarded as a close contact and that she tested negative for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


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